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S10 gas mask manual

I've read from several different sources that had all different info. One went: 1. Large, 2. Medium, 3. I'm not entirely sure which one is correct. My Czech M10M is a Size 1, and it's a perfect fit for me. And it turns out I did, i've pasted it below along with instructions on how to measure your head for it.

This is how you should measure your head size when choosing a 'helmet' or full head mask. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The rich text editor does not work with JavaScript switched off. Please either enable it in your browser options, or visit your preferences to switch to the old MediaWiki editor.

Follow Regarding Numbered Gas Mask sizes. Then another went: 1. Small, 2. Thank you in advance. Loading editor. Edited by ThePolishMagyarJuly 2, Quote More History. Save changes Preview Cancel. I'm sure I found a table and chart to select the correct sized mask.

Gas Mask Buyer’s Guide

Thank you very much for the info. Does this apply to the CM4 as well? Where's the chart for western measurements. Reply Preview. Small Medium Large XL Over Following the mask's replacement by the General Service Respirator inthe S10 is now widely available to the public on the army surplus market.

The S10 respirator was originally due to be replaced by the new General Service Respirator GSR inalthough replacement efforts officially began in and all S10 Respirators have since been replaced with the GSR. All issued filters for the S10 have expired, the last of which expired in No new S10 Respirators will be bought.

The mask has many features including a fail-safe drinking device, a Secondary Speech Transmitter SST on the side which a Clansman radio system microphone can be clipped to, and corrective lenses can be fitted to the eyepieces.

The mask also contains an inner oro-nasal mask to decrease fogging on the lenses. Variants include: [1]. The standard mask was also available with the canister on the right hand side so that left-handed troops could fire their weapon. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on Retrieved Gas Mask King. Retrieved 27 February Hidden categories: All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April Articles containing explicitly cited English-language text Commons category link is on Wikidata.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A S10 respirator with a filter. See Users. See Variants. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Avon Sseries gas masks.Whether for professional or personal use, we give you the rundown on what to look for in a gas mask and which gas masks are the best.

Full-face gas masks are intricate devices that are designed to save lives in dangerous situations. As a manufacturer of these devices, we know just how much goes into designing, developing, and manufacturing a gas mask that will withstand the very worst conditions. Knowing which gas mask to choose will depend on the use.

You need to do your research when it comes to choosing the right gas mask. There are different dangers that different gas masks protect against.

For example, your team may need state-of-the-art biohazard gas masks, chemical gas masks, nuclear gas masks, or masks that protect against all of the above. Military users may want a gas mask that offers a good tactical advantage. The earliest known gas mask was created in Iraq in the 9th century to protect people working in polluted wells. In the 17th century, plague doctors wore a bird-shaped mask filled with herbs to protect them from getting sick. Primitive respirators were often used by miners in thelate s.

By the middle of the 19th century, the gas mask construction we are now all familiar with was patented. It was designed to filter dust from the air inhaled by the wearer. InGarrett Morgan invented a respirator that used a hood and hoses that hung to the ground to protect against smoke inhalation.

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Later this mask had its own air supply added, and soon later, inNikolay Zelinsky invented the first gas mask to use activated charcoal to filter out toxic gases, and help with the war effort with the introduction of chemical warfare agents to the battlefield.

Ina more modern gas mask was developed by the British Army. This mask was lighter, less bulky, and fitted to the face better than those used in World War I. It allowed the use of a separate filter canister that could be replaced. It also allowed for protection against the new threats of nuclear and biological warfare contaminants. This became the standard during World War II. You need to know what you will need a gas mask for in order to choose the right one.

If you are a professional in law enforcement, military, a first responder, or in industry, chances are you have a pretty good idea of what you need. If you are an individual looking to prepare for the worst, you need to think carefully about what you want to protect yourself from.

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Is your biggest concern a pandemic for which you only need a P level of filtration, or are you also looking to prep for chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear CBRN threats, which would require something more advanced?

Many preppers with a knack for civil defense gear up for the possibility of a dirty bomb. A dirty bomb is designed with a mix of explosive material and radioactive material. This will spread radioactive particles throughout the immediate area, contaminating the air people breathe. When it comes to a dirty bomb, civilians, law enforcement, first responders, and the military will all benefit from having CBRN-rated personal protective equipment PPE.

Fortunately, there are gas masks out there that can protect an individual from a myriad of threats. For general preparedness, you should look for masks that can protect from CBRN contaminants:. Instead, it is the combination of the mask and the filter you use. Respirators are used to make sure you have clean air to breathe.

The two main categories of respirators are:.The S10 respirator, manufactured by Avon Protection Systems, was designed for the United Kingdom armed forces for use in chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear situations. It can be purchased by the general public from army surplus outlets or direct from the manufacturer's approved distributors.

It is an effective "gas mask," and has been designed to be simple and robust. The S10 respirator is manufactured in four sizes; the size number of the respirator is embossed on the inside right of the rubber mask. If the mask does not fit, the respirator will not work. Pull the six rubber straps away from the face mask. Position the mask over your chin, and move on to your cheeks and forehead. Position the straps to fit around the back of the head.

Spread out the straps evenly from the central rubber section. The underside of your chin, your cheekbones and your forehead should be enclosed by the rubber mask.

s10 gas mask manual

Block the canister with the palm of your hand and breathe in to check the air seal of the mask. The mask should not allow any air intake but should "suck" against your face. Adjust the straps so the mask is not too tight or too loose. It should not move if you move your head from side to side. Remove the mask and lift the T-shaped clasp on the strap. Move the rubber strap in or out. Replace the clasp. Put the small tube inside the mask into your mouth.

Unclip the tube drinking coupler from the underside of the speech module. This can be inserted into the pattern black water bottles used by the British Army. Practice drinking while wearing the mask, holding the water bottle upside down. Replace the drinking coupler.

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Test whether the canister can be replaced by unscrewing it, and then replacing it several times. Some of these operations are best done with help from another.

S10 Respirator

Practice putting the mask on within 10 seconds from start to finish. Hold your breath, put on the mask and forcefully breathe out once. This will clear the canister. Continue breathing in the normal way. Jason Powell has been a professional writer since when he began writing on the philosopher Jacques Derrida. He has published two books, both with Continuum. His work has appeared in "Philosophy in Review," where he writes on general philosophical topics.Weight g. Spare canister weight g.

DKP No1 Mk1 g. Carrier g. The S10 is made of a thick black rubber which is extremely durable and has a 20 year service life from the date stamped on the mask.

The S10 features two voice diaphragms which are located on the front of the mask and on either the left or right hand side of the mask depending on whether the mask was manufactured for left or right handed shooters. A microphone made specifically for the S10 clips onto the secondary voice emitter and interfaces with the Clansman radio system.

The lenses on the S10 are almost identical to that of the Canadian C4 in that the "face" of the lenses are flat and a plastic ring keeps the lenses locked in place. The exhale valve is also located in the middle of the mask and is found in the same assembly as the primary voice diaphragm.

This means you can use any filter utilizing NATO 40mm threads. The S10 also features a drinking tube that can be adjusted from the outside of the mask; by spinning a flat piece of plastic near the voice diaphragm you move the straw on the inside of the mask from the side to the middle of the mask making it far easier to access the straw while the mask is worn.

This system ensures the inner straw isn't in the way of the wearer. The S10 has a ridge running around the edge of the mask to form a tighter seal with the hood of the Mk4 NBC smock and its successors.

There was an alternate lens style available for wearers of glasses and other prescription lenses. This alternate lens style had the addition of a clip in the flexible plastic lens retainer which allowed the fitting of prescription lenses. The prescription lenses were specifically supplied by unit medical centres to individuals requiring these lenses. Prescription lenses were only fitted and replaced by qualified NBC instructors using the S10 maintenance toolkit.

The prescription lens fitting did have the problem of trapping fullers earth between the respirator and prescription lenses which would further restrict vision during NBC environment training. Outserts are the most expensive accessories around, whereas microphones are relatively inexpensive.

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Currently underway - Although the Avon FM12 was never used by the British military officially, it was and still is used by numerous law enforcement agencies and military forces all over the world.

It is worth noting that a mid life redesign that brought in a few modifications were carried out to the S The inhale and exhale valves were replaced with a different specification of rubber. A new design was brought in that more effectively held in the place the harness straps. There were several alternative versions of the S Made, each intended for different purposes, with the masks being modified to suit that purpose better than the S in its 'stock' state.

This mask is similar to the S10, but doesn't have a drinking tube, and the S10's brittle plastic lenses are replaced with flat polycarbonate eyepieces. The AR has a second inlet. Like the AR, the drinking tube is absent, and the lenses are flat polycarbonate. The exhale valve cover, lens frames, inlet, blanking plate instead of secondary speech module and strap fittings are all grey plastic. Some models have been fitted with a white exhale valve cover, and the head harness is made of thicker rubber than on the S It is identical to the AR10, except the SF10 has a blank plug to block unused port.

The SFIM is a very rare variant of the SF which has a microphone built in to the mask in place of the absent drinking tube. Due to the S10's successful reputation, at least two countries currently developed their own copies of the S These include Pakistan and China, however some models have been exported to other countries.

Its key difference is that the mask was pre-packaged with a six-point elastic head harness, seen on most US military masks, unlike the standard rubber one used on the original. While it was designed for law enforcement agencies within the US, it still retained the drinking tube, overall it's just the standard SIn the British Army started replacing the S6 respirator here with a new S10 respirator.

The S10 is similar to its predecessor in general form, having a side mounted canister, but is a far more sophisticated design and made of a harder rubber than the earlier model: The rubber is extremely durable and has a service life of twenty years.

The front of the mask is dominated by a large exhale valve which combines a speech diaphragm: Note the red fibre disc secured to the front with a split ring, this would have the owners details written on.

Avon can provide you with a sizing tool which helps to assign the right size of mask. Also, as a rule of thumb, your eyes should be at, or just above, the centre line of the eye lenses.

s10 gas mask manual

Wearers must always conduct a negative pressure fit check prior to use to make sure the mask will seal to the face. Also wearers are advised to conduct a quantitative fit test, at least annually, to confirm the correct face mask size has been selected.

Only use a mask if a fit check is satisfactorily completed. A: The S10 mask has a 20 year shelf life based on the mask being correctly stored prior to use instructions on storage are provided upon purchase. Once in use, components subject to ageing especially valves must be routinely replaced to maximise useful life. If any deterioration or damage is suspected to any component, replace immediately.

See the user manual for component replacement intervals. A: The activated charcoal in old S10 respirator canisters, designated L12A1, is impregnated with Chromium, which is a known carcinogen. Fortunately the charcoal is fully contained inside the plastic canister body and presents no hazard if the canister is intact. These masks have now been phased out in favour of the new General Service Respirator and consequently are easily and cheaply found on the surplus market. They continue to be used by the police and other law enforcement agencies.

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s10 gas mask manual

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